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ETI Kiridashi

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ETI Kiridashi 

This EDON-TECH INDUSTRIES Kiridashi is designed for simplicity, function and aesthetics. Whether you are occupied with intricate woodworking, manipulating leather or hobby-crafting, this ETI Kiridashi will provide you the precision you need. With a tough Satin Black Cerakote finish, you won't have to worry about wear on your Kiridashi.

The Kiridashi comes with a high quality Kydex Sheath made in The Netherlands. Due to cost and complexity, these products go through a very rigorous handmade process in very small batches and might take longer to re-stock.  

  • Material: 440C Hardened Steel
  • Coating: Black Cerakote 
  • Laser Engraved & Serialised
  • 120mm x 17.5mm x 7mm / 20g
  • Made in the USA
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